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MoneySmart provides FREE Emergency CASH and a High-Value Bonus Reward to loyal subscribers of our Life Coaching & Money Literacy Services.

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FREE Emergency Cash

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MoneySmart provides Life Coaching & Money Literacy Services on Subscription with FREE Emergency Cash and High-Value Loyalty Bonus Rewards to long term subscribers.

Online 24/7 via this website.

Your Annual Admin & Monthly Subscription Fees.

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FREE Emergency Cash
Online Life & Money Literacy Coaching
High-Value Bonus Reward

1. FREE Emergency CASH Facility

Quick and Instant Emergency CASH when you need it MOST! With MoneySmart you can access cash in time of need, through our FREE Emergency Cash Facility.

As a loyal annual MoneySmart Life Coaching & Money Literacy subscriber, you may enjoy our COMPLETELY FREE Emergency CASH Facility in times of need.

You may access your free emergency cash facility through this website, and we shall process transfer of your requested amount to your bank account expediently, usually within 48 Hours. (Dependant on information accuracy, banking restrictions and holidays.)

To qualify for your FREE Emergency Cash Facility, you are required to be up to date with your monthly subscription fee payments in respect of your chosen annual MoneySmart service subscription option.

Your FREE Emergency CASH requests are limited by your chosen product option as follows.

Overall Annual Limits: Gold: $5,000, Silver: $2,500 & Bronze: $1,000

Gold: Month 1: $750 / Month 2: $1,500 / Month 3: $2,500 / Month 4: $3,000 / Month 5: $4,000 / Month 6+: $5,000

Silver: Month 1: $375 / Month 2: $750 / Month 3: $1,000 / Month 4: $1,500 / Month 5: $2,000 / Month 6+: $2,500

Bronze: Month 1: $150 / Month 2: $300 / Month 3: $450 / Month 4: $600 / Month 5: $750 / Month 6+: $1,000

Your FREE Emergency CASH Rewards is a subscription loyalty reward, and thus not repayable and is COMPLETELY FREE of any interest or other charges and utilisation of this facility does not impact the normal subscription cost of your MoneySmart Life Coaching & Money Literacy subscription.

You can request your first FREE Emergency CASH pay-out immediately after paying your annual registration admin fee and 1st monthly subscription, without having to wait!

2. High-Value Bonus Reward

MoneySmart wants to enhance your financial prosperity. We offer an exceptional High-Value Bonus Reward to loyal subscribers of our service. By subscribing to one of our 3 Annual Service Subscription Plans (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) for a five-year term, you can enjoy an exceptional cashback reward through our High-Value Bonus Reward program.

We aim to reward regular paying long-term subscribers of our Life Coaching & Money Literacy Services through our High-Value Bonus Reward that keeps on growing the longer you subscribe to our services. Your High-Value Bonus Reward calculation is based on your total service fees paid, the amount that you requested through your FREE Emergency Cash Service over time and other admin fees paid by you.

You may request your High-Value Bonus Reward at the end of your 5-year subscription term.

You may track the value of your Bonus Reward at any time through the Login function on this website.

3. Life Coaching & Money Literacy Service

Upwardly mobile consumers often have the need for personal growth and evolution.

To help you grow into your full financial potential, our Online Life Coaching & Money Literacy Services forms the core of our MoneySmart service offering.

To help you grow into your full potential, we offer our LifeGuru Personal Coaching Service, via scheduled online chat sessions of 30 minutes, to assist you with Goal Fulfilment, Improving Relationships and Personal Development.

To help you grow into your full potential, we offer our Life Coaching & Money Literacy Program, via scheduled online coaching sessions of 1 hour, to assist you with Personal Goal Fulfilment, Improving Relationships, Personal Development, Reaching Financial Goals, Financial Literacy, Cultivating a Healthy Money-Mindset, Money Management Skills, Expense Prioritisation, Savings Building Strategy, Cashflow Budgeting, how to create an execution plan for reaching your goals, Get-Out-Of-Debt Strategy. We do not offer coaching pertaining to any financial products or services, and we cannot give you investment advice.

To qualify for this benefit, you are required to be up to date with all your subscription fee payments.

Monthly coaching session limits are determined by your chosen product option: Bronze: 2; Silver: 4; Gold:8

You may book your online coaching sessions by emailing us, at least 36 hours in advance.

You are liable for an annual administration fee equivalent to one month’s subscription. (Bronze: $99, Silver: $249, Gold: $499)

All your benefits are included as part of your annual subscription, which is payable monthly and will be deducted as close as possible to your payday. (Bronze: $99, Silver: $249, Gold: $499)

We will charge a once-off $1.00 card verification fee upon registration of your payment card.

During the first 30 days after signing up for this service, you may cancel immediately for a full refund of all monthly fees paid. Should you wish to cancel later than 30 days after signing up, you must give us at least one calendar month’s written notice and you will be liable for all administrative fees to date.

We reserve the right to amend any of our Subscription Terms at any time, and such changes will be reflected in the content of this website.











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